At The Room To Grow, our mission is to cultivate a community rich with diverse possibilities in which every child can discover their voice, value and purpose while recognizing the right of others to the same opportunities. We seek to create confident, caring, competent learners, one individual at a time.

The Room To Grow is a mixed-age, emergent-curriculum, progressive preschool with locations in the Rockridge district of Oakland and the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Neither school community has more than 26 families at any time.

Drawing on Reggio Emilia pedagogy, we provide the nurturing, encouraging framework children need to have the confidence to construct personal knowledge. Teachers are mindful to encourage new experiences within a logical and meaningful context … Project work always starts with the question “What do you already know about that?” and is followed by an inquiry that encourages kids to discuss, speculate, collaborate and resource the community. 

Equally important is the opportunity to build strong relationships, practice resolving differences, and creating a climate in which every child’s story–their background and experiences–is honored. Social justice and social responsibility are emphasized in these early experiences of understanding and respect. We seek to practice democratic classroom, making rules and decisions as a group after sharing concerns, ideas and arriving at a consensus.

Both schools will be hosting Open Houses for prospective families interested in the 2017-18 school year starting in August.

We invite you to learn more.

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