Mia Teller she/her

I am so happy to be joining the RTG community this year as the art teacher! I have identified as an artist my whole life and practiced as a working artist for many years. My journey with early childcare education started in high school when I worked as an assistant teacher at an after school art class with Young Artists Workspace in Berkeley, I then continued to teach at various after school classes, camps and practiced as a private tutor for a group of children during the 2020 lockdown. I lived in Los Angeles for sometime while studying in the World Arts and Cultures program at UCLA but am happy to be back in the Bay Area. I love the versatility of working in the art room and the imagination that children bring to the space is unmatched, some of my favorite activities are painting, sculpting and drawing. I live in North Oakland with my two housemates, and my two pets, Sosa (cat) and Egg (Kenyan sand boa). I enjoy making art in my free time, as well as cooking, hiking and gardening.