I started teaching at RTG eleven years ago and I’ve had the immense privilege of working with some truly phenomenal families who have been part of our community with two and three children! It’s been a joyful and humbling experience that has shaped me into the unique specimen that I am today. My dream is to eventually have a bronze statue in the backyard that is actually made of chocolate and comes equipped with a water slide. Besides being a thoughtful and observant resource for children as they navigate tough social engagements, I’m a very entertaining song and dance man who can communicate fluently with both hand and finger puppets. I am also an aficianado of the Frances Badger books – I find that I relate to the characters as much as children do, and there are countless life lessons embedded in the sweet stories.
I have been known to make a West African peanut soup that’ll make your head spin and can eat an unhealthy number of Ferrer Rocher candies. My wife and I have a dog named Taco who is a very good and small dog and we recently added a long haired chihuahua named Walter who has huge ears and snores when he sleeps. We love to travel and I’m looking forward to Greece and Morocco very soon.

My heroes are all the people I know who I can count as family or friends. I’m very very lucky to have such amazing people in my life who are unfailingly inspiring.

Pronouns: he/his