Being a mother’s helper since the age of ten… or maybe younger… working with kids has always been a joy of mine. I have two lovely sisters, a cat, and a sweet mom & dad. My older sister is a clinician at Planned Parenthood in the Bay, and my younger sister is studying in Austin, TX. I studied art and yoga in Boone, NC in the Appalachian Mountains. My parents met and got married in San Francisco. They now live in Atlanta where I grew up.

I have been a teacher in different settings including as a camp counselor, a nanny and a yoga teacher. The evolution to teach in a preschool was a natural step towards my passion for education, care and authentic expression.

My creative and calm believing spirit are my gifts that help me see the world through a unique lens. I’m always exploring new avenues of artistic expression in my life. I have learned to value peace and self expression the most and try to model and share these values with the children I work with. For inspiration, I turn to Yayoi Kusama who is an under-appreciated transformational artist of the 60’s.

My favorite children’s book is The Rainbabies, my signature dish is my vegan pesto pizza and I live by the words of Toni Morrison, “If you surrender to the air, you could ride it.” I am a curious, natural learner and lover of all Earth’s creatures. I bring this open mind and heart to Room to Grow.

Pronouns: she/hers