Becoming a mother was what brought me to teaching… I was a little scared about putting my baby in child care at first and wanted to be able to work with my daughter. After enrolling in a few classes and meeting an awesome teacher, I began my journey as a Preschool Teacher. My happy little family now has two beautiful girls, my husband and me. We love to travel with our young children, believing in the world as the ultimate classroom. I look forward to taking them to El Salvador at some point, as my mother immigrated to San Francisco from there during their Civil War and has yet to return. I would love to see it.

I am raising strong girls and appreciate people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as role models for both myself and my daughters. I embody strength and compassion for those around me, and for myself. I try to remember that “you can’t drink from and empty cup” … self-care for teachers and for parents is essential!

I make a mean pico de gallo and my favorite children’s book is The Rainbow Fish. It was the very first book I remember buying at a school book fair … my daughter loves Pete the Cat, which is pretty fun too!