“…each time one prematurely teaches a child something he could have discovered for himself, that child is kept from inventing it and, consequently, from understanding it completely.”… Jean Piaget

We believe that by playing and socializing with a group of peers while under the guidance of trained teachers, children maximize their growth experiences and develop the skills necessary to be successful. These skills include knowing how to resolve conflicts in verbal, rather than physical ways, how to approach another child in a positive, altruistic manner for collaboration, resourcing and just plain fun. 431625_417006765019187_1196280587_n

When the team of classroom teachers properly sets the stage, our children are intellectually engaged and invested. As children participate in a variety of thoughtful explorations and projects, they gain confidence in their own ideas and abilities, having had an opportunity to practice their developing skills in pursuit of understanding. In the Reggio preschool model, the environment is considered the “third teacher,” passively offering materials as beautiful provocations that invite interaction and leave possibilities wide open.

When a project topic emerges from these explorations and observations, discussion emerges about HOW to go about learning more about the subject at hand. Teachers are careful to facilitate and support without directing or leading. This constructivist approach keeps the project work authentic and meaningful for the children involved.

As observed in the Reggio Emilia 100 Languages, the children are encouraged to express their ideas through a wide variety of media. They bring their observations and questions to drawing, painting, sculpting, story telling, acting and photo documentation, to name a few. Children need an opportunity to work through, re-visit and enhance their developing concept-formation abilities as well as their cognitive development; clarifying misconceptions and refining ideas through the process of play and self-expression.190336_417006731685857_643215253_n

During this rich and exciting process, great relationships are built, friendships are made and a community is born. Every year is a unique experience reflecting the individual and collective culture of the children and families.

In summary, children gain a sense of autonomy—a confidence in their own abilities—and a sense of their personal value from their contributions and experiences in preschool. At The Room To Grow, our mission is to create confident, competent learners, one individual at a time.

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