Our Covid-19 Response

The Room to Grow is open for business and continuing to play our crucial role in your child’s development. We have taken numerous steps to protect our employees, students, teachers, and parents from the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We are actively tracking the pandemic and are making decisions based on guidance from health authorities.

We are taking the following steps to ensure a safe environment.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: We are doing everything possible to stay abreast of the directives from both the State of CA and our local Department of Public Health. For now, the licensing body in Sacramento is deferring to local health departments as far as ratios, cohort sizes, sanitation requirements and mandates around things like masks and cohort mixing.

COHORTS: We will be in separate cohorts that won’t exceed 12 children and two to three teachers. If a teacher gets sick, our best plan will be to have another current staff member cover for them, reserving use of agency subs for extreme emergencies.

MASKS: While we are still not mandated to have children wear masks and we recognize that it is a challenging expectation for this age group, we recognize that as a larger community we will likely be needing to use face coverings for some time to come. In light of that and the fact that preschool is a community within the larger one, we are asking every family to encourage their child to wear a mask on the way to school and when they enter. We will be modeling the use of masks, of course, and will be supporting and encouraging their use at school. It is not a requirement, children will not be pressured or criticized for not keeping them on, but will be discussing their value and doing our best to normalize their use.

ARRIVAL PROCEDURE: Parents will line up 6 feet apart and come into the school one at a time with their child. They will be asked about a list of possible symptoms and then their child’s temperature will be taken with a touchless infrared thermometer. Once that is finished, children will remove street shoes, do their good-byes and come into the school. Parents will not be allowed to enter the school for the time being.

PICK UP PROCEDURE: Similar to arrival, parents line up, come in one at a time and their child’s things will be at the front. Sign out and then collect your child and their things from one of the teachers. Put on street shoes and leave as quickly as possible if there are other families waiting outside. Only one parent should enter the school at a time.

SNACK AND LUNCH: Snacks will be prepared by a teacher and pre-portioned in individual bowls that will be passed out once kids have washed their hands and been seated. Lunch is provided by the family, and a list of food allergies will be shared before the start of school. It is our expectation that every family will find alternatives to any foods that present a danger to a member of the community.

FIELD TRIPS: Until the health and safety conditions in San Francisco improve significantly, field trips are temporarily on hold with the exception of the PM cohort meeting on the field at St. Mary’s Park. If/when we feel comfortable starting to take kids to the library, farmer’s market or other familiar locations, we will notify families of our plan well in advance and will get everyone’s approval before scheduling an outing. You are not being asked to complete the annual field trip permission slip until such time as we all agree that it is reasonably safe to go out. As long as we are in small cohorts, any outings will necessarily include all the children present that day and will require the participation of at least one parent volunteer.

If you have any additional questions please Contact Us.