“How do you do what you do?” …. Shannon Taylor

In the interest of full disclosure it must be said that Shannon is my daughter. What she says is true, we asked her to fill in for another staff member a few years back and found out she connected with kids in a way I never would have predicted.  She has continued to learn about and become a supporter of a philosophy where kids can be regarded as citizens and competent beings. It is a pleasure and a trial working together but I am very happy to have the opportunity to watch her evolve.


What or who inspired/encouraged you to work with young children?

My mom has been doing this for ever, she was a teacher at my preschool when I was little. I got an opportunity to sub one summer about four years ago and was surprised to discover I really enjoy the kids and the work.

If money was no object, what would your dream life look like?

Travel. Everywhere.

What is your unique gift?

I have a pretty good sense of humor.

What is the best part of the day?

Any time we leave the school and head out on foot or on Muni to discover something in our community.


Trying to convince kids to quit playing to come to the “potty party” before rest.

Why The Room To Grow?

I love everyone here and really respect the way everyone respects the kids and their process.

What gets you up and out on those cold, dark mornings?

I actually enjoy my time on BART listening to music and thinking about my day. It helps me prepare.

What are some of your favorite books, kid and adult?

Kid — Madeline

Adult — Anything by Augusten Burroughs. I suppose Dry if I had to pick one.

One thing you’d like to have on a deserted island?

Some way to listen to music.

What are some of your hobbies?

Riding my scooter and exploring the wonders of the East Bay. All things live music.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Nacho cheese.

Do you root for any sports teams?

Giants baby!!  And the Sharks.

About Kris Taylor

I am the very fortunate director of two small, mixed-age preschools that are finding their unique paths by interpreting and incorporating the best of the progressive, constructivist early childhood philosophies. I never forget that the community of teachers, families and children are what makes it the amazing place that it is. Each day is another precious opportunity to practice and perfect valuing, respecting and loving one another; creating and exploring community; and having immeasurable fun in the process.
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